Intellectual Property

When doing business rightfully it has identities to introduce their products and services. Your products and services could be protected under Intellectual Property Rights law, including:

  • Trademark as an identity for goods and services;
  • Patent as technology to support the production;
  • Industrial Design as a product with aesthetic and economic values;
  • Copyrights as part of arts and creativity. 

With our experience and capabilities to provide services in protecting their intangible assets, our service is offered into three types, as follow:

  1. Intellectual Property Prosecution

We provide services in registering their Intellectual Property Rights, from preparing the search, submitting application form, conducting hearing and opposition until registered.

  1. Intellectual Property Management 

We keep on monitoring the IPR registration expiration date and renewable registration. Further, we could help clients for an ease transaction process and management for their Intellectual Property.

  1. Intellectual Property Enforcement

Reputation or image is an immeasurable value. We do understand that a good reputation is built through time, loyalty, and quality. To anticipate the bad faith party to imitating and plagiarizing, we could provide you with legal actions towards violation of your Intellectual Property Rights which potentially harm your reputation.

International Trademark and Patent Registration

Our services are available globally, Indonesia as a member of World Intellectual Property Organization, therefore the applicants from Indonesia could request for Trademark and Patent registration globally within a single streamline. Legal 101 is able to provide clients in handling international registry, by Madrid Protocol as well as Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).