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Commercial Permits & Licenses

Company need to fulfill their legal requirements for doing business which is depending on the industry of the company. Some of these permits are generic and apply to all businesses while others are specific industries such as pharmacy, industry, food, education, trade and more, considering of the government surveillance over businesses in Indonesia, therefore it is mandatory for the companies to comply the regulations. Learn More

Intellectual Property

When doing business rightfully it has identities to introduce their products and services. Your products and services could be protected under Intellectual Property Rights law, such as Trademark, Patent, Industrial Design, Copyright. Our service is offered into three types, such as Intellectual Property Prosecution, Intellectual Property Management, Intellectual Property Enforcement. Moreover, Legal 101 is able to provide clients in handling International Registration, by Madrid Protocol as well as Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Learn More


Every month and every year, all taxpayers should file for tax returns and it is important to stay in compliance with your Indonesia tax reporting, to avoid from unnecessary tax exposures. Legal 101 will handle the Client’s tax reporting requirements, therefore our clients can stay focus on their core business, such as Financial Statements and The Recordation, Balance Sheets, Corporate and Personal annual tax returns, Monthly VAT reporting, Monthly tax invoices, Settlement. Learn More

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